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[19 Apr 2004|09:26pm]
so. this will be the final post on this journal. all i have to say about it is this is fucking drama. from now on, im going to be myself. and for all you who didnt get added, dont come knockin on my door cuz i wont add you. that is all.

ps; if you want to see if you were added, click this shit:
than please add me back. thank you and goodnite:)

[14 Mar 2004|01:08pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

friends list cleanout. half of the journals i dont even read, so dont be offended, its just livejournal. so people were telling me to add them in this journal than in my other one. they were like "omg i love paris! add me!" well fuck off im not paris hilton. if i accidentally deleted you and u think u should be added back, then just let me know, but dont comment all sad begging me to add you, CUZ I WONT!

[24 Dec 2003|02:32pm]
im not sure what will become of this journal, but for now on its........

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